Meet Aala Coax

Born and raised in Jamaica, Aala Coax later settled in the humble state of Georgia. After obtaining her studies at Purdue University Global, Coax’s life took a devastating turn. 

Experiencing cold-hearted abuse in a controlling relationship, she had a tough pregnancy while navigating her own mental health. Her abuser had changed her view on the world to negative perception, leaving Coax to feel less than nothing. Yet, it was this dark process that lead her to be the author she is today.

Wanting nobody to feel trapped and alone, as she had once been, Coax decided to share her healing and inspire others in toxic situations. Aala aims to show her readers they are not alone and can free themselves from their tormentor, whatever the relation may be. Whilst raising her beloved child as a single mother, Coax wrote her first book, Let’s Heal: Queens and Kings, expressing her insights and how she overcame her past traumas in the hope of helping those in need.

Books By This Author

Let's Heal, Queens and Kings.
How to take back control of your life and heal from past traumas, emotional baggage, and restricting mindsets
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